Speech by CG at Yangtze River Delta Region-Global Technological Innovation Centre, Jiaxin, on April 28, 2019 Speeches by the CG

Speech by CG at Yangtze River Delta Region-Global Technological Innovation Centre, Jiaxin, on April 28, 2019

Speech by CG at Yangtze River Delta Region-Global Technological Innovation Centre, Jiaxing

[28 April 2019 at 1000 hrs]

Distinguished Participants witnessing today’s historic moment of of the launch of Yangtze River Delta Region-Global Technological Innovation Centre,

ladies and gentleman,

Namaskar, Zaoshang Hao, Good Morning to all of you!!

I am extremely happy to be amongst all of you in the historic city of Jiaxing. It is interesting to note that cities known for its manufacturing capabilities are moving towards innovation and aiming to graduate towards knowledge economy. A stable, mature, open, knowledge and innovation based economy of Jiaxing is not only good for China but for the world at large.

India with its strong competence in software, IT and ITES along with sound foundation in education of fundamental sciences can easily emerge as the natural partner for China. India possesses unmatched proven talent towards addressing the IT and ITES needs of the industries like manufacturing, retail, automotive, health care, utilities etc. I have honour to introduce you Mr. Rangarajan, co-founder of Zeta-V, which is a new age digital company harnessing the power of intelligent ecosystem; minimising gap between idea-generation and value-creation. Zeta-V brings together best in class technology solutions from a wide range of global partners. They have strong foundation in China and running their platforms at Dalian, Guizhou and Xuzhou.

You should appreciate the fact that growing share of manufacturing is fast getting automated through higher degree of IT and ITES to remain relevant in the competitive market of the future. Therefore, the new trend is IT based servicification of all aspects of economic activity. Although the big companies have been availing IT based services but the medium and small enterprises have been largely left out of this opportunity, leading them to a disadvantageous position. Indian companies can help out in this regards, particularly the ZetaV which has come up with innovative models to address these challenges.

The Indian talent in the IT and fundamental sciences have competence to fill the institutional void, bridge the language and technological gap and help China in migrating from manufacturing to innovation and knowledge based economy.

I am happy to note that next month a high level delegation from Zhejiang province is going to India for identifying high end talent, and for creating institutional mechanism for cooperation in this field. We welcome such initiatives and ready to support.

Please allow me to bring out the fact that getting best talents from India; China may be required to create enabling environment. Mere monetary compensations would not suffice. Better market access to Indian companies, ease of movement of natural persons, protection of individual’s privacy and intellectual propriety, level playing field etc. needs to be provided.

India and China, the largest and fastest growing major economies of the world has many similarities. We see that China has overcome many challenges which India is confronted with, today. Therefore, a closer look at the Chinese system including technology an innovation might provide solutions and way forwards for rapid growth and advancements for India. We are eagerly looking towards China in this direction.

I wish a great success to this initiative of the Municipal Government of Jiaxing for organizing the launching of Yangtze River Delta Region Technological and Innovation Centre. I on the behalf of the Republic of India convey heartfelt thanks to the Municipal Government of Jiaxing and its leadership for their initiative.