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Celebration of the 73rd Constitution Day


Consulate General of India


Celebration of the 73rd Constitution Day

Press Release

The Consulate General of India, Shanghai celebrated the 73rd Constitution Day of India on 26th November 2023. The programme was organized at the Conference Hall of the Consulate. The programme involved presentation on the stages of drafting Indian constitution, speech on the salient features of the Indian Constitution, Preamble reading, handwriting competition and a quiz on Indian Constitution for the children. Consul General Dr. N. Nandakumar addressed the participants.

2. In his key note address, Consul General Dr N. Nandakumar explained the important role played by the Constitution in the democratic governance of India. He also made a presentation on making of the Indian Constitution highlighting the different stages of drafting starting with the adoption of the Objectives Resolution and different rounds of draft reading by the Constituent Assembly. The rare photographs that formed part of the presentation kept the participants engaged and interested. The presentation was followed by a talk on the salient features of the Indian Constitution by Ms. Divya Hazra, an Indian legal expert in Shanghai. In her talk, Ms. Hazra explained the ideals enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution viz., justice, equality, and fraternity. She also explained how these fundamental aspirations took definitive form in the Articles governing Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties.

3. Consul General also led the participants in reading the Preamble of the Indian constitution. He read the Preamble which was repeated by the participants. Children who were present on the occasion also actively took part in the Preamble reading

4. The Constitution Day celebration included (i) a handwriting competition and (ii) a quiz competition. Children of 4-10 years age group actively participated in the handwriting competition. They were given copies of Preamble and were encouraged to replicate the text in their own handwriting. Further, a quiz competition on the Constitution was also held. Ms Preeti Shah, an Indian community member and a tutor in Shanghai conducted the quiz. Indian children of age group 10-15 years participated enthusiastically in the quiz. These kids surprised the audience with their knowledge about the Constitution.

5. Consul General felicitated the winners and participants of the competitions with Prizes and certificates. The prize winners in the handwriting competition were : Master Riyaan Kartick Raj (1st  Prize), Ms. Suhana Jain (2nd Prize) and Master Kavish Jain (3rd Prize). The prize winners of the quiz competition were: Master Arjun Chaturvedi (1st Prize), Master Aryan Balivada (2nd Prize), and Master Shaurya Pratap Singh (3rd Prize).

6. The event served to create further awareness about the Indian Constitution and its relevance to the Citizens. Enthusiastic participation of members of the Indian diaspora including the children once again demonstrated their enduring interest in understanding our constitution.


6th December, 2023