Speech by CG at  Hangzhou Food Festival, May 15, 2019 Speeches by the CG

Speech by CG at Hangzhou Food Festival, May 15, 2019

Speech by Consul General at Hangzhou Food Festival

[1500 hrs, 15 May 2019] 

Distinguished Participants, colleagues from Consular Corps, LADIES AND Gentlemen;

I am extremely happy to participate in this event which aims to use food and drinks from across the world to act as a platform for understanding and appreciating each other’s culture. It is certainly a great idea and more so for the city of Hangzhou which is the ‘most important tea culture city’ of China; and a historical city which has always welcomed foreigners and assimilated them in its culture and ethos.

I congratulate the organizers for their wisdom for choosing the theme "Food as a carrier of Culture, Harmony without Uniformity."

The traditional Indian system of wellness, popularly known as Ayurveda provides guidelines for when you eat, what you eat, and how you eat to boost your health, and maintain wellness. The famous Indian curries, and use of variety of species are derived from Ayurveda and has been refined over a period of time. Our cuisines are reflection of shared and unique civilization and cultural heritage for all of us.

India has always been the land of cultural confluence; and so as exploratory nature of Indian’s which resulted in migration to different parts of the world. Through this, the Indian cuisine spread across the world. With 29 Provinces and 7 Special Administrative Regions (UTs), India is a culinary treasure in true sense. The incredible diversity of Indian cuisine, cooking styles and age old traditional recipes is perhaps one of the biggest attractions for the tourists; both international and domestic.

India and China are among the oldest civilizations so as their cuisines and traditional knowledge about food and drinks. Although our tastes buds have different preferences but the culture of serving authentic cuisines as part of hospitality for guests remains the same; so as the common understanding of using the ingredients for food according to seasons and health requirements of the individuals.

Generally food involves us in a web of social and ecological relationships: with plants and animals, the soil, farmers, our history and culture, and, of course, the people and above all, it connects us. In true sense, today’s event is reflection of this idea where we all coming from diverse background are assembled here to discuss, experience and divulge our self in understanding the diversity of food we eat.

I am sure that this event will provide all of us a unique opportunity to explore a variety of cuisines and drinks from various parts of the world, particularly from Asia. I do not want to stay back any long between food and all of you; and myself also equally eager and looking forward to the food cultural tour to experience real, delicious food displayed in this famous city of Hangzhou.

Thank you.